Hi! I'm Matthew Cerrone.
I want to help make you a content business?

I've generated 500M page views in 15 years writing about my favorite baseball team. Here, clients hire me to create a plan for them to consistently reach and inspire their own army of sports fans through unique, digital content.

My job isn't to create content for you.

Instead, I'm who you call when you need ideas, strategy and a plan to make you and your content irreplaceable.

“Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer."

~ Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

"82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content," according to a study by Demand Metric.

As a result, everyone says you should create MORE content.
However, the real goal is to create unique content that differentiates your brand from everyone else.
I want you creating evergreen content that people rely on and miss when it's gone,
inspiring them to repeatedly connect with your brand.

How do we do this?

By working together to create definitive answers to the following questions...

1) What is your unique tilt?

This is the intersection between your passion, skill and knowledge area. Together, it should help reduce competition and position you as a leader in your area of expertise.

2) What is your mission statement?

This is a simple, one sentence statement that lets people know why you exist, who is your audience, what you’ll deliver and how they’ll benefit from your content.

3) Who is your core audience?

This is the person you're hoping to recruit as a customer? But, what are their aspirations, as it pertains to your niche and mission statement? How can you help them feel better, be smarter and connect?

4) What is your story?

Your story lets people know your passion and purpose, what drives you and where you’ll be taking the audience. It’s from a strong story that your types of content will emerge.

5) What channels should you use?

How and where your audience is consuming your content. Ideally, you have a plan for producing content on three channels, while playing to your specific strengths and using some channels more heavily than others.

6) Do you have a playbook?

This will include roles and responsibilities, guidelines and a schedule for your content. Who does what? What style of writing should you use? When should you post?

Brands that I've worked with...